Social is in Our DNA

One of the most rapidly growing spaces in digital marketing is Paid Social. While organic reach via social media continues to decline, Elite SEM’s Paid Social team has the tools to put your products and services in front of the right audience.

Targeted social media campaigns work best when they’re executed in coordination with other digital marketing efforts, including paid search. Elite SEM is committed to ensuring that your social media presence yields returns.

Because of our technology agnostic approach to marketing, account managers use a variety of tools and partners to get the best results.

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Core Services

  • Social
    Our Paid Social experts will evaluate your campaigns to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.
  • Multi-Channel
    Management & Strategy
    Awareness, acquisition, app downloads, sales— we’ll craft a custom strategy suitable for your brand with an eye on efficiency and performance.
  • Audience
    Reach the right audience at the right time in the right place. We strategically combat the fragmentation of consumers across digital and social platforms.
  • Messaging & Ad Content
    With a finger on the pulse of your target audience, we help you put together relevant messaging and ad content to drive strong connections and engagement.
  • Campaign
    Take a strategic test-and-learn approach to identify what works best for your brand. We systematically and continuously analyze and optimize your campaigns.
  • Measurement
    & Reporting
    Identifying benchmarks and relevant KPIs, we provide accurate data with actionable insights that move the needle on overall brand-health.

Social Platforms


Elite SEM has access to all of Facebook’s advertising units through in-house and third-party partnerships: video ads, mobile app install and re-engagement ads, reach and frequency buys, multi-product ads, and more.


Whether you have branding, engagement, or direct response goals, a strong Twitter presence will have a big impact.


Elite SEM was an early adopter of the Pinterest self-service Promoted Pins platform, positioning our clients in front of a fresh new audience.


Boost your overall social campaign with Instagram ads—a full-screen display on mobile gets your message seen.


LinkedIn advertising tools keep your brand top-of-mind and generate high-quality leads from professionals and business-minded audiences.


Snapchat advertising enables brands to take part in one-to-one communication with users in a most interactive and personal way.

The Social-Search Connection A 2015 study by Facebook showed people exposed to Facebook ads were more likely to later search for and click through to the advertiser’s website, with campaigns experiencing an average 6.3% lift in mobile search traffic and 0.9% lift on desktop.

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