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The complexity of digital marketing continues to increase every day. New channels, new devices, and the prevalence of multi-points of conversion can make even the most experienced marketer throw their hands up in frustration.

That’s where Elite’s analytics capabilities come into play. Deep insight and advanced predictive technology will identify the key aspects and influences on your customer journey. From first touch to last click, Elite is your navigator in today’s marketing landscape.

Core Services

for Google Analytics, Analytics 360, Adobe Analytics, and IBM Analytics

  • Pixel Audit
    & Install
    We’ll confirm your marketing pixels are the latest versions, configured correctly, and in the right location—and help your team install any pixels not yet in place.
  • Tag Manager Audit
    & Install
    Google, Adobe, Qubit (Open Tag Manager), and IBM Data Exchange each need to fire the right pixels at the right time. We’ll set you up with appropriate trigger rules and configurations.
  • UTM Parameter Configuration Traffic analytics provide the context you need to make the best strategic marketing decisions. We check that your UTM parameters are passing the right data so you know the full story.
  • Monthly
    Each month, we’ll inspect new campaigns for UTM accuracy and new web pages/templates for analytics tracking. We’ll deliver findings in a clean and easy to read report, reviewed with the team.

for Google Analytics

  • Enhanced
    E-commerce sites benefit from enhanced pixel installation and data layers. We’ll work with your team to track internal promotions and determine the most successful offers.
  • Views
    & Filters
    Focus where it matters. As marketing goals change and outliers are identified, we’ll create new views (e.g., mobile performance-only) and filters (bot filters, referral filters, IP filters).
  • Goals &
    We’ll set up goals (e-mail signups, conversions, specific page visits, etc.) and funnel visualizations so your team can see how, and where, prospects become customers.
  • Attribution
    How does your business assign value to marketing goals? We’ll review your attribution model and guide your team to the best fit so your view of the data lines up with your business growth plans.
  • Data
    Cost data, call data, offline conversion data, user data… we’ll pull all this info into Google Analytics for a complete look at your marketing situation. AdWords/Analytics data can also be pulled for use in various other applications.
  • Custom
    All standard Google Analytics data, plus any client-specific reporting needs, is fully automated. Focus on analysis and action, rather than gathering reports. We can also handle your ad hoc and custom internal reporting needs.

Tools & Technology

We leverage the best reporting and analytics tools in the industry.

Google Analytics /// IBM Digital Analytics /// Adobe Marketing Cloud /// Kissmetrics


Learn More About Elite’s Analytics Services

To learn more about how Elite SEM’s Analytics Services can take your online marketing strategy to the next level, contact us at sayhello@elitesem.com.

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