Elite SEM Case Study: Gilt City

Gilt City Increases Clicks by 16% while Reducing CPA by 20%

Gilt City: Satisfied Elite SEM Client

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Case Study

Gilt City is the local lifestyle site from Gilt Groupe that offers memorable adventures and exclusive offers at insider prices. Prior to hiring Elite SEM in Janaury 2013, Gilt City had run search campaigns using broad and exact match types.

Total Clicks +16% /// Click-through Rate +6% /// Cost per Acquisition -20% /// Cost per Click -9%


Gilt City needed to improve branded campaign performance and increase the number of e-commerce registrations.


Elite SEM restructured Gilt City’s online marketing program, optimized branded campaigns, and launched new campaigns. To optimize managed keyword bids and budgets Elite reclassified Gilt City’s search terms into tightly-themed ad groups. By analyzing Gilt City’s all-time search query report, the team found effective but inactive keywords and added these back into the program.

Elite also rewrote Gilt City’s branded copy (e.g., including Gilt City in the headline, and adding a ® symbol to convey credibility) to improve its Quality Score.


Gilt City reported a 16% increase in total number of clicks and 6% increase in CTR. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) decreased by 20%, while average Cost Per Click (CPC) decreased by 9%.

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